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How to take your child out of school and homeschool

On top of dealing with the uncertainty of what’s going on in the Santa Cruz Mountains (that have been burning this past week) and juggling life in my mini multigenerational commune we’ve been living in during evacuation, I have been

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Hydroxychloroquine (and other zinc ionophores), in combination with Zinc for the treatment of COVID-19

By Benjamin Vazsonyi August 17, 2020 Note from Shauna Reisewitz: Benjamin Vazsonyi is a student of Pacific Sands Academy. He has been following the Corona Virus story since January, looking deeply at all aspects of it- medical, political, social implications.

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Perspectives from a graduated student

These are some perspectives of Katina Hago-Saenz, a 5 year student of Pacific Sands Academy. She graduated in June of 2020. “Pacific Sands gave me the acknowledgement that I could learn doing the things that I am passionate about.” “I

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