How to take your child out of school and homeschool

On top of dealing with the uncertainty of what’s going on in the Santa Cruz Mountains (that have been burning this past week) and juggling life in my mini multigenerational commune we’ve been living in during evacuation, I have been

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Hydroxychloroquine (and other zinc ionophores), in combination with Zinc for the treatment of COVID-19

By Benjamin Vazsonyi August 17, 2020 Note from Shauna Reisewitz: Benjamin Vazsonyi is a student of Pacific Sands Academy. He has been following the Corona Virus story since January, looking deeply at all aspects of it- medical, political, social implications.

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Perspectives from a graduated student

These are some perspectives of Katina Hago-Saenz, a 5 year student of Pacific Sands Academy. She graduated in June of 2020. “Pacific Sands gave me the acknowledgement that I could learn doing the things that I am passionate about.” “I

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Five Ways to Homeschool in California

This post was  a comment in an unschooling group written by one of the matriarchs of unschooling, she’s also an expert in homeschooling in CA. I wanted to have a place to send people who are asking this question, so

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The Taming of the American Child

This is reblogged from this blog by Megan Baker, and I wanted to share it here.  Over the past 40 years, many Americans have seen real advancement in their enjoyment of freedom (some more than others). These include women, gay people,

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Why Our Brightest teens May be Opting Out of High School

This is a great article that explains how high school doesn’t fit all kids’ notions of success. We love Generation Z, and see you as the great hope for our future. At Pacific Sands Academy, we help you optout of

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How to Learn in Two Days what Normally takes 6 Months

Take a look at this article by Benjamin P Hardy! View at View at View at

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3 Destructive Things School Taught You Without You Even Realizing It

reblogged form this post:  By Mark Manson on June 3, 2015 |  13,304 “Learning session” by Per Gosche It was high school. I was 16 and I was pissed off. My English teacher assigned us a creative writing assignment: Write anything about being in

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Design Your Own Learning

Here are 10 things we ask you to consider when designing your own learning at Pacific Sands Academy. 1. Find a mission that excites you. What truly excites you as a teen? What passions can you name? What is something that you

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Don’t Settle for Soul Destroying

The days and nights spent studying stuff you don’t care about are soul-destroying. Passion, identity, self-respect that is built from accomplishments that are meaningful — these are the building blocks of success. We need to take young people seriously. Radical

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