About Pacific Sands Academy

 Pacific Sands Academy is a Private school Satellite Program that offers an alternative path towards graduation for teens and families wishing to leave the public or private traditional school system. We have worked with teens since 2012, but starting in 2020, we offer K-8 homeschool support as well.

We support OPTING OUT of your traditional school and pursing individual interests, learning strengths and developing passions.

We support improving the relationships between you and your child or teen by switching from a paradigm of controlled leadership to developing a partnership with your child or teen. It’s wonderful to find joy together as you find and explore shared interests (which can count for school credits).

We OFFER a personalized coaching program to teens and  families to help determine natural learning strengths, create and pursue personalized educational programs, and build on your families and kids’ natural proclivities.

We OFFER accredited high school diplomas and transcripts to teens who demonstrate a readiness to move on. This may take one month, or several years.

We OFFER Credit Recovery to teens who want to catch up on credits and return to their high schools for any reason.

We have developed a relationship with West River Academy, and now can offer ACCREDITATION through them for families who want this.

Over 100 students have passed through Pacific Sands Academy since 2012. Some have returned to their local high schools; some have gone on to community colleges; a few have gotten into 4 year colleges and earned scholarships. Almost ALL of them have been happy with their experiences, and needed (for their many various reasons) the break of attending and struggling through their traditional school systems. Working together with theses students,  we turned their highly variable, interesting educational experiences into transcripts, credit valuations and high school diplomas.

About the Director:

IMG_6479My name is Shauna Reisewitz and I am the director of Pacific Sands Academy. I have nearly thirty years of experience in public, private, traditional and non- traditional schools.

In addition to running Pacific Sands Academy, I have had several other full time jobs. I am currently an Home School Teacher (grades k-12) in Heartland Charter School (so my Pacific Sands work is largely done on weekends and outside of Heartland’s hours). I just ended directing MVWSD’s K-8 Homeschool program where I led a sweet homeschool community for 7 years. And prior to this I taught in SLV Homeschool Program in the San Lorenzo Valley (K-12), where essentially I developed my philosophy of the importance of respecting the freedom, playfullness and imagination of children and teens.

I have a Masters Degree in Ocean Sciences from the University of California at Santa Cruz, where I spent three years conducting field research in Alaska, Baja California, and in Monterey Bay, California.
I also have traveled extensively in the South Pacific, Africa, Central America, and served two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu.  These were some of the richest experiences of my life.  In addition to the MS Degree, I have a California State Teaching Credential from Humboldt State University, and Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of California, Los Angeles.
After 23 years of formal education,  I realize that most of what I know was learned outside the classroom- spending time in the ocean, traveling, meeting interesting people, raising children and reading, researching, and living  what interests me.
I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, and homeschooled them in their younger years. At 7th and 10th grade this year- they have both chosen the most academic school in our county.
 I believe that learning happens all the time and seek to help students see the same thing, so that they become enthusiastic lifelong learners in the fields that they chose. For more information about me and my educational and parenting philosophies check out my personal blog- flyingkitesatnight. Pacific Sands Academy is loosely modeled after Beach High School in Santa Cruz, CA.

2 comments on “About Pacific Sands Academy
  1. Hi Shauna,

    What a great resource for young people. If only I’d found something like Pacific Sands Academy when I was in school!
    I wanted to let you know that I’ve linked to Learn Your Way over at my website, Living Equals Learning. You can see it here: http://www.livingequalslearning.com/websites-of-interest/#schools



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