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3 Destructive Things School Taught You Without You Even Realizing It

reblogged form this post:  By Mark Manson on June 3, 2015 |  13,304 “Learning session” by Per Gosche It was high school. I was 16 and I was pissed off. My English teacher assigned us a creative writing assignment: Write anything about being in

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Design Your Own Learning

Here are 10 things we ask you to consider when designing your own learning at Pacific Sands Academy. 1. Find a mission that excites you. What truly excites you as a teen? What passions can you name? What is something that you

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Don’t Settle for Soul Destroying

The days and nights spent studying stuff you don’t care about are soul-destroying. Passion, identity, self-respect that is built from accomplishments that are meaningful — these are the building blocks of success. We need to take young people seriously. Radical

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