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Is Your Teen in Danger of NOT Graduating? REFRAME that thought…

The problem with not graduating from high school is that it has a bad stigma, and the non-graduates believe they are failures. Society clearly has told them this. They failed enough classes to not graduate from high school.   But, while

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You Can Skip Regular School and Still Be Successful!

Several months ago I wrote a post  called Reflections of Young Adult Homeschoolers on my personal blog. I had just viewed a film Conditions to Flourish. A film about grown kids who skipped school– their experiences and with their families

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Changing Paradigms of Education

  Sir Ken Robinson discusses why the current system of education is flawed, and why we need to approach education from a new paradigm. Education is modeled around standardization and should be modeled on fostering creativity! Recommended viewing if your

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Don’t Sacrifice Learning for Schooling

A great article just came out in The Globe and Mail in which an A+ student looked back and regretted his grades. Not necessarily because he got good grades but because he viewed his own education through the lens of

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Why Dropping Out of High School May Be a Good Educational Choice

What? How can dropping out of high school be a good educational choice for your teen? VS   Actually, I like to call it Opting Out. Dropping out is sooo…negative, and tends of course to have a bad stigma. Many

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