Don’t Settle for Soul Destroying

The days and nights spent studying stuff you don’t care about are soul-destroying. Passion, identity, self-respect that is built from accomplishments that are meaningful — these are the building blocks of success.

We need to take young people seriously. Radical change is not an option. Not only our children’s happiness, but their chances of meaningful success requires it. Help change our schools into places where young people hunger to be.

This is a quote from Lisa Cooley’s Op Ed in the Bangor Daily News. Click and read.  She talks about how so many kids are so despairing because adults (who wield all the power in their lives) don’t take them seriously. It’s sad. Parents need to see there are other options for success other than traditional school!

School can be Soul Destroying. Parents, is school that important? as to be soul destroying? remember that love of learning your young child used to have? Teens allowed to pursue their interests can have that love of learning as well…
What we offer at Pacific Sands Academy is the opportunity to follow your passions, and get a diploma for pursuing that.

You can work meaningful accomplishments– of your own choosing!

We’ve worked with skaters, writers, artists, naturalists, farmers, YouTubers, helping them pursue goals of their own. This is what we value– what you value!

I believe in interest-led, self-directed learning. I love helping teens find lives of passion and fulfillment outside of traditional academia.

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