Stop Stealing Dreams

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 9.38.39 AMA couple quotes from Seth Godin’s TED talk:

“If it’s work, we try to figure out how to do less; if it’s art, we try to figure out how to do more. And when we put kids in the factory we call school, why are we surprised that the question that they ask is ‘will this be on the test?’ ”

“Anything that is worth memorizing is worth looking up.”

“Standing out takes guts”

“Persistence in the face of skeptical authority is priceless”

“Fitting in is a short term strategy that will get you nowhere – standing out is a long term strategy that takes guts and produces results.”

Click on this website where download a copy of this manifesto!

Seth Godin’s Manifesto —Stop Stealing Dreams

Very much worth a  watch and a read whether or not you are new to some of these ideas!

I believe in interest-led, self-directed learning. I love helping teens find lives of passion and fulfillment outside of traditional academia.

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