Teens: Give Up the Boredom and Join Us! – Scholarship Opportunity

Are you a teen looking for something different for your education? Do you want to leave the boredom and drudgery of your school?

Do you long to spend your time pursuing what you love?

Do you believe there’s more to you that school?

Are you already unschooling but would like the support of another adult, and like minded teens?

Consider this opportunity at Pacific Sands Academy!

You can transfer to a new kind of  online highschool – an Interest-Led, Passion-Driven Independent Studies Program where you can still earn a high school diploma.

We are a different kind of online school–  we don’t believe in teaching, classes or credits; we’re not going to try to pour knowledge into your minds; we’re not going to bore you to tears with irrelevant material. We believe in real learning–  and that learning happens best happens best when you are deeply interested and engaged in something you chose to pursue.

We want to help you explore and identify career goals- and help you figure out how best to get there- Community College? Vocational School? Starting a web site? Creating an online portfolio? We want you to spend your time figuring out  and pursuing what is relevant in your life.

We don’t believe you should spend these precious teenage years feeling bored, uninspired, or stupid. You are intelligent- and we will help you see and celebrate whatever type of intelligence you possess!

By enrolling in our program, you will have a framework and a structure to embark on the journey of designing your own education by discovering, and/or following your passions and interests. You will also have the benefit of being enrolled in a school which may appease your worried relatives or friends.

You may work on what YOU are passionate about- Acting?, Surfing?, Mountain Biking?, Dancing? Gaming? Socializing with Friends? Your Own Personal Spiritual Quest? Creating YouTube Videos? Wherever your passions lie is where you can earn high school credits at Pacific Sands Academy.

We are a new program and offering a scholarship opportunity to a select few teens.

These teens will receive the following:

  • Opportunity to be  founding students at Pacific Sands Academy.
  • Membership in a select facebook group with other independent thinking students.
  • Introductory goal setting meeting with your learning support coach, where you collaborate  to establish your own Personal Learning Plan.
  • Once a month check in meetings on the phone or via skype with your learning support coach.
  • Facebook and email support.
  • Up to 3 months of free support!

If at the end of the 3 months (or even by early June), you have earned a high school diploma (by communicating your passions, and following through on your personalized learning plan), You will need to pay $99 for a high school diploma and narrative transcript, OR you can consider continuing on (at a monthly rate), OR return to us in the fall, OR find another opportunity. We will help you in this process.

Sound interesting? Explore our website.

Apply for a scholarship here. We are looking at taking 5-7 students for up to 3 months for free. (A value of $766)

Or you can enroll as a paying student immediately.  Click here for the enrollment form.

We don’t agree with or follow the  accreditation process of the public school system- so Pacific Sands Academy is free to give you a high school transcript and diploma for doing the meaningful work of  following your passions and communicating your journey. 

I believe in interest-led, self-directed learning. I love helping teens find lives of passion and fulfillment outside of traditional academia.

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