How One Teen Left School to Pursue a Real Education.

I wanted to share a post I came across about how one girl persuaded her family to let her leave school, and take control of her own learning. If you are a teen or know a teen who might want to opt out of high school– check out this e-book  by Lisa Nielsen of the Innovative Educator.  

To see what this one teen did, click on this link!  And check out the power point presentation she created to convince her parents that she was making the right decision. If you are a teen who wants to persuade your parents to let you leave school, creating something like this could help!

At Pacific Sands Academy, this is what we help kids do–create their own learning plan and mentor them along the way. We believe that education that come from a self motivated, interest-led perspective is far more valuable that an education that is prescribed by  a top-down system.

We also offer high school diplomas for kids who are ready to move on.


“The real question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”
–Joseph  Campbell

I believe in interest-led, self-directed learning. I love helping teens find lives of passion and fulfillment outside of traditional academia.

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2 comments on “How One Teen Left School to Pursue a Real Education.
  1. Hanna says:


    I found you via this article ( and I’m wondering if the consultation is still available?

    Also, what do you think about the argument that homeschooling is “too relaxed”, and will hence not teach the child about “the immense stress in life”?

    • I think when kids (or anyone) are internally motivated and seeking to improve their knowledge in any field they will come across natural bumps in the road. Sometimes it will be hard. But they will have the back ground reason to keep at it- because they want to learn_____ for their own reasons, not because an institution told them they had to. Life is hard. There is much time to struggle and face stress…let that stress be real world, with increasing responsibility rather than the artificial stress of school.
      And yes, i still offer free consultations.

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